Africa; the ticking time-bomb.

This image speaks for itself but I will like to shed a light to this art.

The young girl is a victim of child trafficking and by virtue of the fact that someone “owns” her, she is sent into prostitution so as to fetch money to the “owner”. In one picture, we have child trafficking, slave trade and prostitution. There is need for local government agencies to partner with foreign agencies in tackling menace like this.

We cant pretend this is not happening in our society but once there is partnership between countries, the countries involve can set up a panel or a map in which to go about this menace. I also want to let you know that some parents intentionally sell out their kids for cheaper amount. A reliable source in Edo state Nigeria told a radio station that some girls were taken into rehab and their parent forcefully took them away and the parents were saying that their kids must go and fetch money from other countries. so, in tackling this trend, there is need to orientate the parents regarding the havoc they are instituting.


written by Ajayi Olasunkanmi

Ajayi Olasunkanmi

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