How to Choose a Watch for a Present this Festive Season

Despite the variety of multi-functional gadgets, watches are one of the most meaningful gifts. There are so many important events and anniversaries in our life: a wedding anniversary, a graduation from the University, the appointment to the new position! The watch will memorize the happiest moments of your life and make every day wonderful.


On one hand, the watch is the universal gift, and on the other, it is complicated to make a good choice for another person as you need to take into account specific nuances. Watch is a continuation of a person and should approach the style of clothing, should be consistent with presentee expectations and lifestyle. And do not forget to take into account the size of the strap. It will be frustrating if the clock is suddenly too small or too large.
Watch for Ladies

For most ladies watch is not just a device for measuring time, but also a stylish accessory. Especially when it comes to jewelry watches in a silver or gold casing.

First of all, you should decide on the style. A win-win option would be graceful classical models. Gentle watch with a dial made of natural nacre, or elegant – with black or champagne-colored will conquer any lady’s heart. Pay attention not only to the design of the dial, but also the color and texture of the strap. A universal version is black, brown or white leather. If your presentee prefers showy accessories, choose options with bright lacquered strap.

She will appreciate the clock with designer elements, such as dial with the exclusive brand design.

Watch for Gentlemen

If you should choose a watch for the representative of the stronger sex, you should consider the watch style, its reliability, and quality. While women pay attention more to the style, men will appreciate the performance. So you should find out what kind of mechanism of the watch prefers its future owner – mechanical, quartz of electronic.

The best option is considered to be a quartz watch that can withstand high loads, doesn’t lag behind and doesn’t hurry, and of course doesn’t require any special maintenance. Classic model in a gold case is a decent choice for those whose life motto sounds like “Time is money”.


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