#WorldIn2026 : My Perspectives on How to Embark on a Low-Carbon Economy

Using Nigeria as a case study

As a signatory to the United Nations Framework Convention for Climate Change (UNFCCC) and Kyoto protocol, Nigeria has made international commitments to promoting low-carbon development, including meeting its reporting obligations to the UNFCCC, reducing emissions of greenhouse gases consistent with its national circumstances and withing the context of poverty reduction and growth.

The term “low-carbon development” has permeated development literature in years. Even in Nigeria, the use of the term is increasingly gaining currency. There is nevertheless little consensus on the exact elements of this development paradigm. Governments, businesses, donors and think-tanks openly endorse the idea and principle of mainstreaming climate change in development practice. A low-carbon development pathways offers one way for climate change responses and sustainable development to find a mutually reinforcing synergy.

My personal research shows that technology has a crucial roles to play. If we really want a low-carbon economy, we need to persuade the automobile maufacturers to reduce the amount of carbon produced in the combustion engines. Though, hybrid cars are being introduced but my country Nigeria hasn’t embraced this technology due to the structure of the environment. If an emission absorber can be made which can be put around surroundings like a billboard which will absorbs and purifies the air surrounding, that will be interesting. This will work better in a polluted environment. I used to imagined this technology in my head but I am yet to see a research firm that will help me bring it to reality. I hope this essay will engage readers and researchers to work on my instinct. Working with the restrictions on the essay, I will advise the World to devote time in core research that will make life easy for everyone in the area of low-carbon economy because if we don’t take care of this hazardous situation, we might be investing our hard-earned money tackling diseases.

Written by me: Ajayi Olasunkanmi

Email: onjawo247@gmail.com

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